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November 17th, 2003

we_lostthem_all @ 03:53 pm: hi guys.
ha, well i'm new to the network community.
yeah. guess what im doing? listen to the
radio to win tickets to see the network at the Metreon, 4th & Mission in SF, Its going to be awesome! A 100 people...tops.
Anyway, the cd is so hot. my favorite song is love and money but supermodel robots is also pretty sweet.
what do you guys think of that dvd that comes with the cd?
pretty interesting. More proof that Billie Joe is Fink.

November 1st, 2003

phil @ 04:57 pm: Coming Soon...


PS: I finally got the album, and it totally rocks.

Current Mood: busy
Current Music: what else?

October 25th, 2003

xfoofynonox @ 09:47 am: http://www.greenday.com

audio of billie joe talking about the network. if you ask me, it's all a big act! but a good act. damn, i still need the cd. badly.

Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: hot hot heat - aveda

October 18th, 2003

phil @ 12:49 am: Cool stuff right here!!
Official website, anyone??

Current Mood: pleasedpleased

October 16th, 2003

phil @ 05:05 pm: News from the Official Fansite (http://www.greenday.net/)
THE NETWORK recently held a press conference in which they discussed their new album "Money Money 2020." The conference was going well up until the press lead the discussion towards The Network's connection with Green Day and lead singer Billie Joe's Adeline Records, when all hell broke loose. Watch the footage: here. The Network should also have an Official Website up soon.

money money 2020

New Info On The Network @ Undercover Music Australia: here.

Current Mood: giddygiddy

October 7th, 2003

phil @ 08:43 pm: Welcome!
So what's the word on this hot, new band?

Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: The Network - Supermodel Robots
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