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Hello... I'm new here (as you've probably figured)... and I also love the Network (as you've probably figured)... and I really have nothing else to say right now because I am a blank mind. *nods*
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Yes, i realize this community is really godamn dead... but, just in case...

Ok, so i may be really fucking late with this... but, I just saw Psycho Beach Party for the first time. (I had never even fucking heard of this movie, but all the sudden: There it was... read more of my rant in my journal)

The Network is the band at the luau. Am i a complete loser for not knowing about this movie and their cameo before now? Comment, and you be the judge. x-posted to the_nimrods

btw, i'm new... etc. etc.
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The reviews for the LA show made the show sound pretty intense
"The Network conquers california. The Network's West Coast run over the weekend included smoke, lasers, giant robots, models, celebrities, sex in the aisles and all-around chaotic behavior"
Anyway, check out this website. http://ahsports.vzz.net all about the network, it has all the lyrics and shit so check that out.
Does anyone have any information on the possible upcoming world tour?